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Want to climb Peak Mogoton? Want to reach the highest point of Nicaragua?


Welcome to the tourist paradise - Northern Nicaragua - the Land of Mountains, Mystery and Legends


North and northwest of Managua, our capital, lies the mountain region of Nicaragua. Pine forest, cedars and precious wood trees change at a higher altitude into cloud forest zone with moderate climate. Trees there are richly covered with mosses, ferns and orchids, typical to that zone.


Northern Nicaragua includes departments of Matagalpa, Jinotega, Esteli, Madriz and Nueva Segovia and is located on highlands formed by plateaus lying between 2,000 and 7,000 ft above sea level. Northern region enjoys the richest biodiversity in Nicaragua and represents nation's premier potential for growing coffee, vegetables, basic grains and tobacco. Closer to country's northern border formed by majestic river Rio Coco, the highland plateaus change into mountain valleys that preserve the treasures of pine, cedar, oak and mahoganie forests, and hold generous deposits of precious stones and minerals.


Nueva Segovia is 140 miles away from the capital and has 12 municipalities (Mozonte, San Fernando, Ciudad Antigua, Jicaro, Jalapa, Murra, Quilali, Wiwili, Dipilto, Santa Maria, Macuelizo and Ocotal, the administrative center of Nueva Segovia). Nueva Segovia is characterized by its mild climate, pine forests and forests of precious wood trees, diverse artisan arts, and indigenous communities with their rich customs and traditions. It also gets Nicaraguan third oldest colonial city founded by Spaniards in 1610. The principal economic activities in Nueva Segovia are cultivation of coffee, cattle breeding and basic grains growing.




Our department is where Nicaraguan tallest mountains are found. Peak Mogoton, country's highest point, rises 6,913 ft above sea level (2,107 m).


If you are looking for a chance to take a break from your daily routine, enjoy being in touch with the nature, learn traditional agricultural techniques and experience an unforgettable adventure climbing through different climatic zones of Peak Mogoton, we offer you our services of tourist guides.


We provide transportation from Ocotal to the trailhead.


Have a very pleasant rest, wake up to the sonorous birds' singing, and discover the secrets of the unique nature of Peak Mogoton. 




When in Ocotal, Nueva Segovia, you can find us there

Roberto Castellanos: 1 block east of Central Park and then 3 1/2 blocks south, the house of Reginaldo Castellanos (Roberto’s father) will be on your right hand side.

Bayardo Jimenez: half block east of INFONAC


You can also make reservations over the phone (we only speak Spanish)

Roberto Castellanos: +505 653-3666 (cell), +505 732-0317 (home)

Bayardo Jiménez: +505 833-1149 (cell), +505  732-2267 (home)


For general inquiries, please, contact us at





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